Life is too short to waste time
finding your restaurant match.

Endless searching is no fun.
You deserve to be an independent boss now
or to sell your restaurant faster.

Find Restaurants 4 Sale saves you time
and unleashes your independence.

How we help . . .

Save time searching for restaurants to purchase
or for qualified buyers.

Get all the information you need to buy or to sell
a restaurant.

Quickly find your
restaurant match.

Buyers and Sellers

We get the time you waste and the freedom you lose
by searching for a business to own or for qualified buyers.

We offer more restaurants for sale than anywhere - all in one place.


Register for free.

We are a passionately Buyer focused marketplace for food and beverage service businesses. Buyers are always free.

As a Seller or Broker, adding all basic listings is free. Optional enhanced features provide additional tools to significantly increase exposure
and Buyer enjoyment.


Find Restaurants for sale
or publish a listing/s.

Most search opportunities for your dream purchase or for the perfect buyer are time consuming, cumbersome and expensive. We solve this problem by compiling, curating and adding meaningful business data from multiple industry sources that deliver comprehensive business intelligence. Our tools will simplify and expedite your search process for restaurant listings or for motivated buyers through the largest selection of Listings/Ads available with any businesses for sale marketplace in Canada.


Make your dream match.

Our mission is to facilitate successful matches between Buyers and Sellers through the exchange of meaningful information. Make your dream purchase with us. And ... it's free.  
Now, let's get started.


The last thing you want is to
miss so many buyers searching
for restaurants to buy.

Wasted time and money selling a business
is frustrating.
Seller exit plans deserve to be executed
in a timely manner.

Find Restaurants 4 Sale attracts buyers
and provides the tools to close the deal.

How we help . . .

Save you time and
money finding buyers.

Get qualified
buyer leads.

Close the deal.
Execute exit plans faster.

What you do . . .

  • 1
    Register for free.
  • 2
    Publish your listings.
  • 3
    Receive buyer leads.

How we Promote differently ...  for you.

Our marketplace is built on robust, leading edge technology that enables Buyers to make informed choices during their business acquisition journey. This maximizes the Seller’s listing/ad exposure by delivering precise, targeted promotions to a comprehensive range of Buyers.

Email Marketing

We have harvested a comprehensive email list of all restaurants and bars in Canada so that we may reach out to any potential buyers and sellers for this marketplace.

Social Media

We have partnered with global leading social media marketing platforms to ensure that all our SMM ads enjoy extensive coverage to compliment our SEO program.

Paid Google Ads

We have engaged an industry leading agency utilizing a top rated platform to effectively manage our numerous and varied campaigns.

Brokerage Industry Partners

We purchase targeted Google ads to appear on these as well. Leave no stone unturned.

Print Ads

Old school still works, particularly with hospitality Industry publications, catering specifically to owners and wanna be owners of restaurants and bars.

Trade Shows

Face to face! It will never die. Come visit us around the country at all of the "must attend" food and beverage shows.

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