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  • The most Buyer visits to any
    businesses-for-sale marketplace in Canada.
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    Eliminate wasted time.
  • More opportunities to search for
    active Buyers.
  • Bundled subscription plans.
    Extras are included!
  • Customizable, personal dashboard.
  • Access to Buyer wanted ads.
  • Internal Message Center to communicate with Buyers.
  • Broker Forum.
  • Ability to upload your own customized NDA forms or use our standard form.
  • Free onboarding assistance
    for your listings/ads.

Professional Referrals for Realtors®

  • Selling restaurants is a business broker specialty.

  • Selling restaurants is our responsibility.

  • Here’s how to earn an income:

  1. Refer a business to Restaurants4Sale.
  2. Submit online signup form.
  3. Your referral will be assigned to one of our
    Market Leading Brokers in your target area, then receive regular updates.
  4. Upon transaction completion, receive your
    generous referral check.

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