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Where to (location) help
  • 1Search by local area, City or Province: enter a name in the appropriate field, then continue selecting your other search criteria. The green Search button will be on the lower right when you are ready to “click”.
  • 2Search by Map Radius: see the instructions below when you click on this tab.

Select any location field below,
then enter the name.
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How to . . .
  1. Determine a specific point on this map that you would like the start the radius search from.
  2. Enter the Postal Code that matches that specific location in the field above.
  3. Above, adjust the orange slider and select your desired radius on the kilometers guide.
  4. Continue with your search criteria. Click the green Search button when ready.

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Financial search filters

Total income received prior to any expenses.
1 Take your “Net Income before Taxes”, then,
2 Add up all payments to: owners + interest + allowances for asset depreciation.
3 ADD together 1 + 2 = CASH FLOW (aka Seller’s Discretionary Earnings)

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